From holiday parties with work peers to family reunions and photos, the holiday season is a chance to look and feel your best. It’s a chance to show off all of your hard work from countless mornings in the gym. It’s a chance to glow in your own skin after a long diet. It’s a chance to unplug to look and feel your best.

Ok, ok. That’s the idea, anyway. That’s all great in theory, but we know the holidays are also peppered with competing engagements, tempting sweets and that little thing called stress.

If you’re staring down a work party, a suit that fits a little snug or a dress that doesn’t fit just right, have faith. Here are some proactive ways to look and feel your best amidst the holiday season and beyond:

Love the skin you’re in: A gentle skin cleanse is a wonderful way to love what you see in the mirror. Consider spending some mornings in a sauna to sweat past toxins that might be clogging your pores. Increase your daily water intake (add in cucumber and lemon) and introduce more vegetables into your diet. These are all great ways to bring back your natural glow!

Pre-party planning: Our digestive cleanser, MagO7, is a quick and convenient way to relieve bloating sensations and release intestinal build up so you feel slimmer and more confident on a big night. No cramping or nagging pains, MagO7 is the perfect detox for any pre-party planning. Take MagO7 the day before a big holiday party so you look and feel your best the night-of.

Energize with efficiency: Nobody enjoys looking back at photos where they look as tired as they felt. Steer clear of energy drinks and short-lived coffee buzzes and consider the benefits of a Vitamin B12 supplement. Skip the crash and recharge with a natural supplement that’s been known to improve energy and focus.

Crunch time cardio: If your back’s really up against the wall and you find yourself pressed for time and stressed about an upcoming event, shift that negative energy into a quick aerobic workout. Hop on a treadmill, hike that mountain or ride a bike. You’ll harness the natural power of endorphins, oxygenate your cells and turn that stress into satisfaction. It doesn’t take much, just 10-20 minutes can do wonders!

No matter what, remember that you’re a brilliant, beautiful person and those who truly care about you will see that always! So kick stress to the curb, grab the reins and try some of these helpful tips to look and feel your best this holiday season!