Cookies, hot dishes, cream sauces, stuffing, mixed drinks, and more – the holidays often bring many great things, but a healthy diet typically isn’t one.

If entertaining, travel and holiday events have you feeling stressed out, overweight and overwhelmed, you might want to consider the benefits of a pre and post holiday detox. Also known as a “cleanse” a detox is a great way to reset and recharge physically, mentally and emotionally.

Benefits of a Pre Holiday Cleanse

Whether you’re fasting, juicing, trying Mag07 or embarking on a different type of detox, the benefits are boundless. Most notably, a pre holiday cleanse is a great way to boost immunity and metabolism before the chaos of the holiday season hits its stride. A pre holiday cleanse helps enable your digestive system to operate at its finest, helps shed unwanted pounds and can even promote mental clarity.

Combine all of these and you have a recipe for success for looking and feeling your finest this special time of year.

Benefits of a Post Holiday Detox

Let’s face it, try as we may we all cave here and there over the holidays. We binge eat a little here or indulge over there. And you have to be a superhero to make it out of the holidays completely stress free.

Thankfully, a post holiday detox is a wonderful way to rid your body of digestive waste, toxins, stress and distraction. Post holiday cleanses can benefit your lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems so you can enter the new year ramped up and ready for anything.

Consider These Cleanses

If you’re wondering where to begin, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Some people prefer a simple detox such as increasing their water consumption with added lemon. Other people really love to juice as a meal replacement or new diet wholeheartedly.

But we’ve found that most people love the convenience and results of our MagO7. This digestive cleanser comes in easy capsules and works to rid your system of digestive waste while simultaneously oxygenating key cells for maximum absorption which can enhance your efforts of other cleanses altogether!

Some people even pair dietary cleanses with habitual detoxes such as purging their technology consumption, TV time or others. This approach can help you harness physical and mental clarity after the rollercoaster of the holiday season.

So what are you waiting for?! Happy detoxing!