Here at Nutritional Brands, we come to work everyday to make a difference. We join together to make a positive and lasting impression on the lives of our customers.

But we’re equally committed to educating and empowering our communities and neighborhoods through resources for healthier lifestyles. From each and every nutritional supplement to our involvement with local high school athletics, we exist to share our love of a better, stronger life.

And we couldn’t do it, if not for our fearless leader, Mrs. Danna Pratte.

Danna is the embodiment of contagious, positive energy and there’s no doubt she loves her job. On top of all of that, she’s a wife, mother and friend. We obviously recognize her within these walls, and we’re proud to say she’s getting attention in our city. The Phoenix Business Journal recently released news that Danna has been dubbed one of the 15th Annual Outstanding Women in Business. To put things into perspective, the Phoenix Business Journal received nearly 200 nominations and boiled the list down to 30 women who exemplify leadership, company growth, personal achievement, communal investment, mentorship and beyond.

These women represent industries of all shapes and sizes and stand as a reminder that women make incredible — no, outstanding — business leaders. We’ve known that all along here at Nutritional Brands, but it’s nice that Danna is receiving the attention she deserves. Though her quiet humility would never show it, we know she’s beaming inside, and we look forward to celebrating alongside her as Nutritional Brands continues to reach the next level!

Danna takes pride in only using the highest quality ingredients in all of our products, and we consider her the best ingredient of our entire Nutritional Brands team.

For more on the coverage check out the PBJ as they near their official April 4th ceremonies.