If you’re anything like us, the holidays bring great joy, excitement, new memories and that little thing called stress. And if we’re not careful, the time of cheer can quickly turn into chaos as planning, travel, company and cleaning send stress levels through the roof.

Thankfully, a positive mindset paired with some healthy habits can make this the best holiday season yet. So here’s to celebration and wellness with 5 Surefire Ways to Manage Holiday Stress. Take it from our CEO, Danna Pratte, “Stress is inevitable, so the management of stress and the effect it has on our minds and bodies is of the utmost importance.”

But first things first. Did you know that times of increased stress can result in:

  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety and feelings of uneasiness
  • Fatigue
  • Decreased sexual drive
  • Obesity
  • Shortened temper
  • And more

Needless to say, if improperly managed, stress can throw a major wrench in your holiday season.

So here’s how to fight back.

1) Channel your stress into physical activity – Salvage that fight or flight sensation and put it to use. Don’t wait until the new year to jump into action. If planning the Thanksgiving dinner has your brain feeling fried, burn off the anxiety with a jog around the block. Or if the stress of a dirty home and the flood of company has you in a nervous breakdown, turn up the tunes, get moving, break a sweat and kick into gear. Progress in motion can be your greatest friend.

2) Focus – There’s a lot that goes into this component, but it’s one of the best ways to mitigate your stress levels in a complex season. Focus on the things you can control and start there. Do your best to divide and conquer as a family and divvy tasks so everyone can focus on one thing at a time. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you stare down a mountain of chores, so tackle them head on one at a time. And help your body focus by including B Vitamins in your daily routine. B Vitamins are rapidly depleted in times of stress and supplements like our Pure Advantage B12 spray and Pure Vegan Stress Away feature a high quality B Vitamin complex.

B Vitamins help regulate the nervous system, sharpen focus and increase energy. You can learn more about the adverse effects of Vitamin B deficiencies in this video.

3) Harness the power of “no” – If you want freedom this holiday season, don’t be afraid to say no now and then. Most people find themselves double and triple booked between family get togethers, work parties and other commitments. Decide in advance and plan accordingly as to how many events you’ll attend and how often. This should help you reclaim vital days of rest. And the reality is that everyone is in the same boat this time of year.

4)  Maintain healthy habits – A lot of people slide back into bad habits when stress creeps in. Calorie intake climbs, exercise tapers off and stress takes the reigns. Now more than ever, it’s important you prioritize your diet, sleep schedule and all of the core practices that have kept you in great shape all year. Stay the course!

5) Maintain healthy hobbies – It’s easy to feel like you have to put life on hold, put your head down and push through the holidays. But that’s the painful way. Make sure you hold strong to hiking or cycling, reading, writing, cooking or whatever it is that sets your mind free. It’s important you release during the holidays so you don’t feel so underwater. Take some time to breathe and look around and remember that this can be a very special season with the people you love most!