5  Basic Tips to get Back in a Gym Routine

By: Guest Blogger Online Nutrition & Health Consultant Halen Hulsebus

Take it slow at first: When getting back into a gym routine after taking some time off, many of us are very eager to head straight to the “big boy” weight. While it’s easy to be enthusiastic about being back at the gym, it’s important to ease yourself back into a program in order to avoid injury.


Stay optimistic: Though you may not be able to use the same weights you use to be able to previously in the gym. Stay positive. Muscle memory is a reality, and you will gradually regain your strength.


Stick to a plan: Nowadays there are so many different resources available at your disposal when it comes to finding a gym routine. Whether you picked up the next best thing from Bodybuilding.com or you have a personal coach writing you a workout; stick to it. Switching up workout routines too quickly or too often can hinder you from being able to examine what is working for you and what isn’t. Remember, only time will show true results.


Get a gym partner: Not only are gym partners great for spots, but they are also great for accountability. If its hard getting out of bed for you in the morning to go to the gym, knowing that your friend is there waiting for you will help get you moving. Plus, isn’t it more fun to torture your friend through the same agonizing workout that you are doing anyways?


Have fun: There will be both good and bad days at the gym. There will be days where you will lift new personal records (PR’s) and there will be days where you can’t lift the same weight you’ve been doing for weeks.  The idea is to understand that the gym and lifting weights is a process or a journey. Stay hopeful in your lows, humble in your highs, and have fun during the ride.


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