The holidays are here and the clock’s ticking on gift giving and gift getting. Perhaps you know a health nut –  you know, the kind of person who values personal wellness, fitness and vitality over junk food, bad habits and laziness. Ahh, if we could only all be so disciplined.

Heck, maybe that health nut is you! All the more reason to pick out the perfect health nut gifts for this holiday season.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite products with the best ingredients, sure to wow any recipient and sure to set them down a path of health and wellness. Look no further, these four gift ideas will launch you into the new year clean, energized and ready to tackle anything life may throw your way!

  1. Mag07 – This super product not only helps to detox your body, ridding the digestive system of pent up toxins through its oxygenating power, but improves immunity and vitamin absorption throughout the entire digestive tract. Mag07 is a great gift for a first-time cleanser or someone ready to detox for a new year!
  2. B12 Spray – Whether you’re seeking a morning pick me up before a good workout or you’re supplementing a vegan diet, our Vitamin B12 spray is a great way to stay energized, focused and in your prime. This suave spray is a wonderful alternative to all the foreign ingredients in modern energy drinks and has quickly become a favorite of seasoned athletes and weekend warriors. No doubt your health nut will love this little guy.
  3. Whey Protein – Any good health nut knows the importance of a quality supplement. Consider our Whey Protein for the gym rat or fitness guru in your life. This stacked product encourages healthy muscle growth and may even combat sweet tooth cravings.
  4. Antioxidant Formula – If you’re looking for a little stocking stuffer that makes a major impact in sustained wellness, try our Antioxidant Formula. These little capsules are smart and strong – smart and strong enough to neutralize dangerous free radicals through a blend of premium fruits and vegetables.

From all of us in the Nutritional Brands family, this is our invitation and challenge to you. Don’t let this holiday season take you for a wild ride. Show it who’s boss and start your healthy habits today! We have the products and science to enable your journey!