We are so excited to have the chance to interview the amazing Nikki Sharp. If you don’t know who Nikki Sharp is, she is a Author, Wellness expert and media Personality. Nikki has been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmo, Elle, Access Hollywood Live, Hallmark’s Home & Family and many more. With that being said… Time to get inspired! Enjoy!

1) Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started in writing and the health and wellness industry?

I was a model for many years and not treating my body with the respect it deserved. I wasn’t eating enough (healthy foods) and felt pretty bad. I had bad skin, depression, insomnia and the list goes on. I started researching about clean eating online and making my own recipes, which then led to taking photos on my phone and starting a blog. At the same time I had begun my Instagram account and posted things that motivated me. People started noticing the blog and IG because what motivates you, typically will motivate someone else. I then created the 5-Day Detox and that’s when things really grew, because now I had a product that others could get that was something I swore by. It led to me writing many ebooks on health, then a book with Random House and has just blossomed into a beautiful place!
2) How do you think your nutrition plays a role in your success as a health and wellness influencer in the industry?  
It plays such a big role! I had a lightbulb moment a few years ago that when you eat good (clean) food, you feel good. When you eat bad food, you feel bad. It seems so overly simple, yet so many people try to overcomplicate it. When I eat healthy, nutrient dense foods I feel more creative and put out great content. Having come from the fashion industry and not eating the correct things, I can relate to people a lot more in understanding addiction to food, which means that I’m able to help a lot more; it makes me more relatable to those I work with. Nutrition really is the most important thing to change- and it’s also the easiest!

3) Can you tell us a little bit about your 5 day Real Food Detox book

It’s a plan unlike any others on the market! It is all about eating REAL food, i.e. you eat meals that are based on things you would find in your grocery store that you put together in a bowl and use a fork to eat. It sounds silly, but with so many cleanses out there that promote juicing and smoothies only, this goes against the grain to teach you how to feel better with real food. In 5 days, eating 5 meals a day, you can lose up to 13 pounds, reduce your bloating dramatically, get clearer skin, sleep better, have more energy, and you will feel better about life. No more being Hangry! I wrote this as a plan for myself and started marketing it to my IG years ago, and the results speak for themselves! The best part of it is if you have an event coming up, such as a vacation and want to look good in your swimsuit, maybe your 10 year high school reunion, a holiday party, whatever the event, you should do the detox prior to it. Think about this as being the Event Detox.

4) What is your life motto?
Let things flow and don’t over analyze. It’s taken me many years to let go of thinking that I need to control everything. I used to be a hypochondriac and needed to plan everryyyything in my life. Through yoga, meditation, working on myself, and wanting to be a better person,  I’ve learned to relax into the fear of the unknown and just enjoy the hell out every single day, even if there is a ‘crunchy’ around it. I always say, you didn’t have a bad day, you had a bad moment, in a day. Changing your perspective with something as small as this makes the biggest difference!

5) Do you have a favorite go-to healthy snack?
I’m an absolute sucker for hummus. It’s almost an unhealthy addiction haha! I love it so much I’ll actually just it eat with a fork, but I try to have it with cucumber or carrots. (I’m a stickler on buying only organic hummus and recommend this, as it’s way better for you and not more expensive.) If I’m on the go and there’s not much around I’ll stop at a gas station and get raw almonds, a banana, and water.

6) What’s a day in the life of Nikki Sharp look like?
It honestly changes from day-to-day. For the most part I like to get up around 7 or so, have a slightly relaxed morning where I’ll meditate even for a few minutes, write in my gratitude log, then head out to exercise. I love high intensity classes, so I’ll either do a run where I sprint, I’ll do soul cycle or F45, then head home for breakfast. I’ll work from a local coffee shop for a few hours then head out to a business meeting for lunch. In the afternoons I’ll either work from home or run errands, then by night it’s dinner with friends, heading to yoga if I didn’t workout in the morning, or just relaxing at home. I do work into the evenings quite a lot though.

7) Are you a goal setter? If so, has it helped you in your career or in any other areas of your life and do you find it important to have goals?
I’m a huge goal setter. I actually teach something called the Dream Binder to my clients, which helps you to visualize what you want (like a vision board), then create them into dreams/goals and create actionable steps to it. I’ve done this for my own life and found that it’s helped me tremendously. It has allowed me to really turn my dreams into reality.

8) Do you have a favorite exercise routine? 

I love to switch it up. Yoga is one of my favorite workouts, yet I cannot do it everyday otherwise I get bored. My routine ranges from yoga, to running outside in the sun, doing high intensity interval training on the treadmill for 20 minutes, lifting weights, jogging on the beach, hiking… really a little bit of everything. I love pilates and tennis and find I need to put those into my routine a bit more.

9) If today was your last day and all of your accomplishments were forgotten and you only got to leave three truths about life written down on a piece of paper what would those three truths be?

Do all things with love.
Do what makes YOU happy.
Surround yourself with people make you better.
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