Nutritional Brands is focused on helping people live healthier, longer lives through the convergence of nutrition, nutritional knowledge, and visionary research.

Our products are sold in over 40 countries worldwide, and our commitment to expanding the nutrition industry continues. In addition to our location in Phoenix, AZ, we have offices in Mexico, Thailand, and Cambodia. We see the relationships between our trinity of locations—the US, Mexico, and Southeast Asia—as invaluable. Each region is an essential component in our mission of sustainability and innovation.

Our presence in Mexico is essential to our long-term vision. We have been actively expanding our operations in the country and into the Hispanic market. We’re currently helping to establish a new policy and regulation guidelines for nutritional supplements in Mexico.

By creating key partnerships with retailers, suppliers, and policy makers, we’ve opened and continue to expand the nutritional supplement marketplace in the country.

We’ve also partnered with various universities in Mexico, allowing us to engage in new scientific and clinical research.

Southeast Asia is rich in both culture and value. Our operations in Thailand and Cambodia are critical for our long-term sustainability.

Future industry innovation in the region requires a sustainable system for handling local resources, and we are engaged in that process. We’re also actively helping to establish a new policy for nutritional products in Southeast Asia.

We have created partnerships with various policy makers, universities, and government offices, including the Royal Family of Thailand.