5 Tips on Protein Supplements


By: Guest Blogger Online Nutrition & Health Consultant Halen Hulsebus

1) Protein Supplements should “Supplement” a good diet: A mistake a lot of people make is thinking that by taking protein they are going to get “big.” While consuming quality protein powder will aid in muscle synthesis and recovery, it is important to recognize that real […]

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5 Things To Make Sure Are Not In Your Supplements

Many people these days are turning to dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals to improve their daily intake and live healthier lifestyles. That’s great! But as much as we’re hearing people know exactly what they’re look for (B12, calcium, pea protein, vitamin C, and so on) many of those same people are not always up to […]

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5 Key Considerations for Choosing a Protein Powder

Maybe it’s a coworker scooping something into his bottle before a meeting or a mom shaking a container after spin class. Protein powder seems to be everywhere these days, especially in the health aisle.

People use protein powders for everything from bulking to meal replacement, and nowadays options come in a variety of flavors — even […]

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5 Basic Tips to get Back in a Gym Routine


5  Basic Tips to get Back in a Gym Routine

By: Guest Blogger Online Nutrition & Health Consultant Halen Hulsebus

Take it slow at first: When getting back into a gym routine after taking some time off, many of us are very eager to head straight to the “big boy” weight. While it’s easy to be enthusiastic […]

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5 Consejos saludables para el regreso a clases


5 Consejos saludables para el regreso a clases.

En muchas partes del mundo todos sabemos las cosas que implica el regreso a la escuela, tales como: dificultad para despertarse, horarios ocupados, gérmenes y un montón de tareas. Nuestro sistema inmune es más importante que nunca cuando los jóvenes se encuentran en desarrollo y los padres están […]

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5 Healthy Tips for Going Back to School

School’s back in session in many parts of the world and we all know what that means: sleepy kiddos, busy schedules, germs and plenty of homework. Personal immunity is more important than ever as young minds grow and parents shuffle to and from the bus stop to work, to basketball games and beyond.

That’s why we’ve […]

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El Estreñimiento Vacacional: MagO7 al Rescate.















El Estreñimiento Vacacional: MagO7 al Rescate.

Si alguna vez en el transcurso de un viaje de vacaciones has tenido problemas digestivos, te comento que no eres el único. El estreñimiento vacacional es una situación muy frecuente y no es nada de lo que debas avergonzarte. De hecho, algunos estudios estiman que un 40% de los estadounidenses […]

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Vacation Constipation 101: MagO7 to the Rescue

If you’ve ever had trouble, well, going while you’re on the go, you’re not alone. Vacation constipation is a very real thing and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, certain studies estimate 40% of Americans experience some form vacation constipation at least once a year.

Science has many explanations for this occurrence but in […]

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No es extraño que el verano es una época para conocer nuevos lugares, experiencias frescas y encuentros novedosos. Pero si hay algo que no deseamos en esta temporada de verano, es enfermarnos a causa de parásitos u otras enfermedades y con ello estropear la diversión planeada en sus vacaciones.

Ya sea […]

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Parasites and International Travel

It’s no surprise that summer is a time of new places, fresh encounters and bold experiences. But if there’s one thing you don’t want to run into this summer season, it’s parasitic diseases and other illnesses from trips that were supposed to be fun.

Whether you’re backpacking Europe, chasing down surf and turf in South America […]

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