¿Está Usted recibiendo su Dosis te Vitamina D?


Cada vez más personas obtienen cada vez menos luz solar. Entre pasar horas en línea en lugar de salir al aire libre, vivir en regiones con inviernos duros, lluvias frecuentes (escasez de sol) o simplemente estar demasiado ocupado para tomar aire fresco, hay motivos para hablar sobre la Vitamina D. Después de todo, es conocida […]

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MagO7 Launches New Label, Provides Trusted Results.

It’s a brand new year and Nutritional Brands has some very exciting news. We’re proud to announce the launch of a fresh new label and some updates you’ll love to MagO7!

It’s a new look and a new size for a new you.

Read more below!

What’s changed?
First things first, you may notice the beautiful design of the […]

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Rethinking Resolutions for a New Look, New Size, New You

You’ve probably seen a flock of people flooding the gyms for the first two weeks in January. Or maybe you’ll notice friends and coworkers turn down a treat here and there into February. But the harsh reality is that most people fall off of the New Years bandwagon in no time.

Make 2017 your year to […]

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Featured Interview With Oprah’s SuperSoul Teacher Gordana Biernat

We are so excited to have the chance to interview the amazing Gordana Biernat If you don’t know who Gordana Biernat is, she is an Oprah’s SuperSoul Teacher, Writer, Speaker and Wisdom Keeper who is followed by thousands…

With that being said… Time to get inspired! Enjoy!


Tell us a little about yourself! How did you get started […]

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5 Tips for Becoming the New You this Year

New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen, aren’t they? We often do this—make resolutions year after year—only to lose sight of our goals within a short amount of time. We do this for a lot of reasons. But for me, this is largely due to being a mom—a mom to three teenage boys, no […]

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Why Should I Detox My Whole Body?

There are many symptoms that could indicate you need a detox: aching, diarrhea, constipation, tiredness. Rapid weight gain can also be a sign of having toxins in the body, making those last 10 pounds impossible to lose.

 These organs play a major role in the detoxing process for a fit and healthy body.



1. Your liver is the organ that recycles […]

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Es la estación para ¡Verse y sentirse de lo mejor!

Es la estación para ¡Verse y sentirse de lo mejor!

Desde fiestas con compañeros de trabajo hasta reuniones familiares y fotos, la temporada de fiestas es una oportunidad para verse y sentirse mejor. Es una oportunidad para mostrar todo su trabajo duro de innumerables mañanas en el gimnasio. Es una oportunidad para brillar en su propia […]

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‘Tis the Season To Look (and Feel) Your Best)

From holiday parties with work peers to family reunions and photos, the holiday season is a chance to look and feel your best. It’s a chance to show off all of your hard work from countless mornings in the gym. It’s a chance to glow in your own skin after a long diet. It’s a […]

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6 Warning Signs it’s time to do a Cleanse



When it comes to toxins in your environment, ignorance is not bliss. Dangerous environmental pollutants can increase cancer risk and fill the body with harmful toxin making it hard to function.


The good news is—your body cleanses on a daily basis. It is Nature’s gift to you that keeps illness away, gives you energy, and allows […]

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Los placeres de la vitamina D y cómo conseguir bastante en invierno (o cualquier estación).

Los placeres de la vitamina D y cómo conseguir bastante en invierno (o cualquier estación).

Un poco de luz solar resulta un largo camino en términos de producción de vitamina D, todo esto debido a cielos contaminados, trabajos de escritorio y los meses de invierno dejan a muchos estadounidenses deficientes de esta vitamina crucial. De hecho, […]

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