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Top 5 Tips For Living A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is not one specific diet and getting in shape isn’t a destination. It is so easy to listen to the media and follow the crash diets or fads that everyone is trying and losing weight on, but the truth is that they are not sustainable. They will give you a quick result […]

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Summer of Cleansing: Start with MagO7

It’s beach season. Time to look and feel your absolute best. And right now we invite you into a summer of cleansing.

Think about it – summer is a time of travel, tanning and more. But it often comes with its temptations. Personal immunity may be compromised by more time in public places – like the […]

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Detoxing and I Do: How to Have a Healthy Cleanse Before Your Wedding Day

Brides will try most anything to look their best on the big day. But with so many fleeting fads and trends, advice from friends and future in-laws what’s a bride to do?
Perhaps you’ve spent months at the gym leading up to the ceremony. Or perhaps more realistically the months leading up to the ceremony were […]

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